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W MARCH 2014
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sasha pivovarovas editorial debut shot by her husband igor in 2004
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Let’s get physical by Skye Parrott [via Dossier]
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Jeneil Williams photographed by Txema Yeste for Numéro #150 February 2014.
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Maria Borges for Dujour Magazine- Summer 2013
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foxyrain: girl you gotta eat some (more!), it already looks unhealthy. really, no offence, i think u are adorable.. but you could look more 'attractive'..or lets say natural. I actually don't care about how you look/your weight is.. but you do look a bit scary-skinny and it just makes me worry. I hope you don't get attached or something. have a nice day honeypie

Thank you for showing concern, but I actually find this quite rude and hurtful. Of course, I understand where you are coming from, and I understand that your intentions are good. However, telling someone they’d look better if they were this weight or that weight is horrible. You are stranger who has no idea how much I eat.

For one thing, I do struggle with an eating disorder.BUT, I’ve come so far and really am trying to let go. I’ve gained a  ton of weight this past year. And I’m trying to gain more. I went from eating as little as 800 calories a day to over 1800. I use to restrict myself of so much foods and now I actually have A LOT more freedom with food. I might not be at a high weight, but I know my body and what feels good for me…Something, a stranger like you, knows and understands nothing about.  

Although I still look skinny, I eat and practice yoga daily. I’m trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, physically and more importantly mentally. Saying that I’m scary skinny and would look better fatter does not make one, especially with an eating disorder, feel any better about themselves. You don’t know how hard it is living with an eating disorder and being afraid of something like eating that is a second nature to others. 

I’m really not offended, as I’ve learned to love myself regardless of what ppl like you think. But I think you should be careful what you say to others because you obviously don’t know the whole story.

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follow me on instagram if you wanna be friends
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